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Health Honey

Light Cycle

Light Cycle

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Introducing Light Cycle by Health Honey...

Exercise meets amazing skincare! Elevate your cardio with the extra benefits of Infrared light therapy. 

Cycle under the light which has anti ageing benefits, stimulates the production of collagen, energy boosting, burns more calories and relieve stress. 

What to expect... Arrive at your appointment and we will get you settled. You will have complete privacy during your session should you wish to expose as much skin as possible to get the most from the light therapy. The bike also has a screen so you can watch your favourite show or listen to music. There will be a towel for you to use during your session and a complimentary wellness shot.

The seat has built in magnetic technology enabling you to exercise whilst your body is re aligning. Burn up to 800 calories in a single 45 minute session. End your session with a complimentary cold pressed wellness shot.

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